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Let's Build An Electronic World Together

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There's another sphere developing that most mainstream computer suppliers are paying little attention to, and that's the e-consumer. This world has its own set of technology platforms, information services, operating systems, e-mail applications, etc.

Then there is the world of E-commerce, the electronic payment of goods and services. How people exchange value is being redefined, with virtual banks and smart cards and some exciting new devices

I'll describe later in these remarks. This is the 21st-century electronic world.And HP is in all spheres of it. Today I want to describe how we are working to build this world.

First, we're working to build the foundation — the necessary technology infrastructure based on distributed computing and the Internet.

The environment must be robust, highly available, manageable, and secure. Today I'll discuss the three critical ingredients you see listed here 

our systems strategy, the software we offer for making the infrastructure robust and secure, and the services and support we provide. Whenever I begin a discussion of our systems strategy, I use this visual to make a simple point.

Customers have a wide range of needs. One size doesn't fit all.And that means that one operating system doesn't fit all. And so we at HP have embraced two — UNIX and NT.




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