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Not only Michelin! These International Giants Are Using Horion !

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According to the study, whether an organization can improve its productivity and employee performance to a new level is mainly dependent on the "hardware foundation" of the humanized office environment and the "soft ability" of the office collaboration that the enterprise provides for its employees around the world.

 As an efficient meeting artifact integrating software and hardware, Horion Interactive Flat Panel brings not only a gorgeous meeting environment, but also a new meeting experience of meeting appointments, interaction & collaboration as easy and quick as operating with a mobile phone. By virtue of excellent office coordination ability and video conference solutions, the Horion Interactive Flat Panel has become an advisable choice for upgrading meeting rooms by governments, enterprises, and public institutions. From home to overseas, Horion Interactive Flat Panel has been widely used in various industries, especially recognized and favored by famous overseas enterprises.

An overseas agent of Horion said, "Our company has made significant advantages in developing the local market this year, all of which are related to the highlight performance of Horion Interactive Flat Panel." From the world-famous tire brand Michelin, New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra to "British Meituan" Deliveroo, more international enterprises benefit from Horion Interactive Flat Panel in realizing new efficient and flexible ways of working.

Deliveroo has deployed Horion Interactive Flat Panel in its Hong Kong offices

These branches of giants can easily hold video conferences with headquarters and other countries & regions with the Horion Interactive Flat Panel. Compared with the traditional unidirectional function of caster or whiteboard, the participants in the Horion video conference, when discussing a solution heatedly, can enjoy the functions of real-time annotation, remote collaboration, multiple editing, taking away by scanning by using the Horion Interactive Flat Panel to achieve a seamless interactive and collaborative experience.

Hold HD video conferences with the Horion Interactive Flat Panel

Apart from meeting room deployment, these giants also distribute the Horion Interactive Flat Panels in more diverse and flexible scenarios, such as front desk, manager office, and public area, to comprehensively improve the corporate image through the presentation and the working efficiency through the internal communication.

Fonterra uses the Horion Interactive Flat Panel in its Australian company  




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