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The Power Of User Experience

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One of the biggest things that has helped me is learning how to become a better storyteller and the power of a story And by this, I mean if you want to build a product and you want to build a product that is relevant to folks,you need to put yourself in their shoes and you need to write a story from their side. So, we spend a lot of time writing what's called user narratives of this user or this person.

He is in the middle of Chicago and they go to a coffee store in the middle of Chicago. This is the experience they're going to have.It reads like a play. It's really, really beautiful. If you do that story well, then all of the prioritization, all of the product,all of the design and all the coordination that you need to do with these products just falls out naturally because you can edit the story and everyone can relate to the story from all levels of the organization, engineers to operations to support to designers to the business side of the house.

So, that story is very, very important for us. And really constantly considering the story and what new twists and elements we need to add to the story are a pretty big deal for us as well.And we want to tell an epic story. We want to solve a really big problem. We don't want to have a bunch of short stories strung together. We want one epic cohesive story that we tell the world. And both Twitter and Square are driving towards this goal.




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