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Aruba AP-228 Access Point

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Product Description


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With a maximum data rate of 1.3 Gbps in the 5-GHz band and 600 Mbps in the 2.4-GHz band, Aruba 228 APs are three-times faster than 802.11n APs and provide performance similar to a wired connection.

The 228 APs include ClientMatch technology, which eliminates sticky clients by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices. This information is then used to steer each mobile device to the best AP and radio on the WLAN.
Proactive and deterministic, ClientMatch dynamically optimizes Wi-Fi client performance as users roam and RF conditions change. If a mobile device moves out of range of an AP or RF interference impedes performance, ClientMatch automatically steers it to a better AP.
With ClientMatch, 228 APs load web pages faster, deliver video streams with improved quality and support high densities of mobile devices. An 802.11ac network without ClientMatch performs no diferent than an 802.11n WLAN.

The rugged 228 APs additionally support priority handling and policy enforcement for individual Microsoft Lync media on the same device, including encrypted videoconferencing, voice, chat and desktop sharing.

Choose Your Operating Mode
The 228 APs ofer a choice of operating modes to meet your unique management and deployment requirements.
* Controller-managed AP or Remote AP (RAP) running ArubaOS. When managed by Aruba Mobility Controllers, 228 APs ofer centralized confguration, data encryption, policy enforcement and network services, as well as distributed and centralized trafc forwarding.
* Aruba Instant AP running InstantOS. In Aruba Instant mode, a single AP automatically distributes the network confguration to other Instant APs in the WLAN. Simply power-up one Instant AP, confgure it over the air, and plug in the other APs - the entire process takes about fve minutes.
* Spectrum analysis identifes sources of RF interference
* Air monitor provides wireless intrusion protection
* Hybrid AP serves Wi-Fi clients and provides wireless intrusion protection and spectrum analysis
* Secure enterprise mesh

For large installations across multiple sites, the Aruba Activate service signifcantly reduces deployment time by automating device provisioning, frmware upgrades, and inventory management. With Aruba Activate, Instant APs are factoryshipped to any site and confgure themselves when powered up.
If WLAN and network requirements change, a built-in migration path allows 228 Instant APs to become part of a WLAN that is centrally managed by a Mobility Controller.







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