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Avaya Conference Phone B179

Best suited for board rooms and large conference rooms with groups greater than 10 people, the Conference Phone B179 helps improve employee productivity and collaboration between customers, partners and suppliers
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The Avaya Conference Phone B179

Best suited for board rooms and large conference rooms  with groups greater than 10 people, the Conference Phone  B179 helps improve employee productivity and collaboration  between customers, partners and suppliers with  features including:

▪ OmniSound®—powerful crystal clear sound to provide  seamless productivity 

▪ SIP based for powerful integration with the Avaya Aura®  platform as well as third-party networks, also supports PoE 

▪ Web-based configuration to import / export contacts  and settings 

▪ A conference guide that easily helps you set up group  calls with the touch of a button 

▪ Optional expansion microphones that increase range  (and number of participants) up to 750 sq ft 

▪ SD memory card to record your meetings and conference  calls for playback or to archive for later use 

▪ A phone book for quick access to your key contacts 

▪ User profiles for storing personal contact details  and settings 

▪ Optional wireless headset connection and PA system to  meet the sound requirements for larger groups 

▪ Hold up to five-way conference calls


Avaya Conference Phone B179
Audio Features

▪ OmniSound® wideband

▪ Omnidirectional microphone 

▪ Pick-Up Range: Up to 320 sq ft > 10 people 

▪ Speakers: frequency range: 200–7000 Hz 

▪ Volume: Max 90 db SPL 0.5 m 

▪ Equalizer: soft, neutral and bright


▪ Ethernet: RJ45, AUX headset / PA

▪ Expansion microphones


▪ Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af (PoE Class 3)

▪ Transformer: 100–240 V AC / 13.5 V DC

Recording ▪ Support SD memory card (SDHC)

▪ Electrical safety: EN 60950-1:2006, ANSI / UL 60950-1-2002

▪ CAN / CSA-C22.2, no. 60950-1-03 EMC / Radio: EN 301 489-3 V1.4.1 (2002-08),  EN 301 489-1 V1.6.1 (2005-09), FCC Part 15 subpart B class A, FCC Part 15  subpart C, EN 300220-1:2000, EN 300220-2:2000 RoHS


▪ Phone book: < 1,000 entries per profile

▪ Export / import of contacts, Call list 

▪ Support for LDAP external directory 

▪ User profile: 4 profiles (password protected) 

▪ Call groups: 20 groups


▪ Size: Diameter 240 mm, height 77 mm

▪ Weight: 2.2 lb

Color Licorice black
Software Compatibility

▪ Avaya Aura® 

▪ Avaya IP OfficeTM

▪ Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms


▪ SIP 2.0, RFC3261 and companion RFCS Network  and Communication

▪ Network addressing: DHCP and static IP 

▪ Connection protocol: SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261 and  companion RFCs) 

▪ Transport: UDP, TCP, TLS and SIPS 

▪ Security: 802.1x Authentification, SRTP and TLS 

▪ Quality of Service: DiffServ, VLAN 802.1p / Q 

▪ Audio Codecs: G722, G711 A-law, G711 μ-law, G729ab 

▪ DTMF tone generation: RFC, SIP INFO, In-band 

▪ Time servers: NTP and SNTP Daylight saving:  Configurable for automatic adjustments

Configuration and Provisioning

▪ Configuration: Via integrated web server, HTTP or HTTPS

▪ Separate user and administrator login for  secure configuration 

▪ Support for device management to easily configure and  update multiple conference phones

Language Versions ▪ User Interface: Danish, English, Finnish, French, Italian,  Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish,  German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese  and Portuguese.
Contents ▪ B179 and Ethernet network cable
Optional Accessories

▪ Expansion microphone extends the voice pickup range  from 320 to up to 750 sq ft (30-70 m2) 

▪ PA Interface box

▪ AC adapter and power cable 

▪ SD memory card 

▪ Wall Mounting Bracket






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