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Avaya IP Phone J129

The IP Phone J129 addresses the need in small, medium, and large enterprises for a cost effective device that delivers basic voice communication with excellent audio performance, productivity-enhancing features, better resiliency through network outages, and enhanced security capabilities when compared to similar phones in the market.
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Avaya IP Phone J129

Cost-effective IP Phone That Provides Secure, Reliable, Basic Voice  Communications

Take a look at this entry-level IP Phone with its fresh industrial design and  a sleek, slim form factor. It has a small footprint on the desk for the office  or cubicle worker, and is perfect for use in location-based or walk-up  scenarios. Place Avaya IP Phones J129 in lobbies, waiting areas, lunch rooms,  manufacturing areas, hallways, and retail spaces using a two-position stand  or a wall mount. 

The full duplex speakerphone enables for hands-free conversations. The dual  10 / 100 Ethernet ports enable easier building cabling since a co-located PC  gains access to the LAN through the IP Phone J129. The J129 supports  Power over Ethernet as a power efficient Class 1 device, again eliminating  cabling, and which also enables the phones to work through power  outages if the wiring closet is backed up with a UPS system

The Avaya IP Phone J129  packs all the essential call  handling features you’d  expect in an affordable, yet  highly functional SIP phone.


• Ease of use 

• Exceptional value 

• Security 

• Optional Wireless  Deployment


SIP Telephony 

IP Phone J129 supports AST-SIP software for enhanced features and  integration similar to the 96xx IP Phones including simultaneous  registration with Avaya Aura® for better resiliency at an affordable price,  while allowing many other features such as access to call logs and address  books, and a visual message waiting indicator. 

Basic IP Phone  

The IP Phone J129 supports all the key phone features and call handling  capabilities needed for use in walk-up scenarios and for users with basic  communications requirements. The handset has built in volume boost for  hearing impaired to avoid having to purchase a separate amplified headset. 

Perfect Fit For Your Business 

It’s a high quality deskphone with a modern, sleek design that offers the  right features at the right price. Choose enhanced feature options through  the Enhanced IPT license to enable Security & Aura Resiliency features  or Core License for supported features including remote access with the  Avaya Session Border Control solution.


Ease of use: Simplified user interface enables walk-ups, visitors,  or individual users in offices to communicate quickly and with ease.

Exceptional value: Get the right communications capabilities at the right  price, and with the quality you expect from Avaya.

Security: Provides customers with enhanced security compared to other  products available in the market.


Avaya IP Phone J129

Feature Description
Audio • OPUS Codec, G.711a / u, G.722, G.726A, G.729,  G.729A, G.729AB
Call Handling

• Supports AST-SIP* for enhanced features  and integration

• Native support with IP Office 

• Single line phone, supports two concurrent calls 

• Mute Key with Mute Alerting 

• Recent Call Log (100 entries) / Aura Contact List*  (250 entries) 

• Transfer 

• Hold 

• Park / Unpark 

• Conferencing 

• TLS / SRTP for encryption  

• Handset has built-in volume boost for Hearing  Impaired

User Interface

• FSTN Monochrome 128x32 pixel display  (56 x 14.5mm)

• Three context-sensitive soft keys 

• Status indicators

Software compatibility

• Avaya Aura® 6.2 FP4

• Avaya IP Office™ 10.0 SP7 

• Avaya One Cloud 2.1 

• Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms:  RingCentral, 3CX 15.5, Netsapiens 40, FreeSwitch  1.8.5, Asterisk 16, Broadsoft 22, Kandy, Microsoft,  Kamalio, Metaswitch, Zang Office R1.0


• Dual 10 / 100 Ethernet ports to support  co-located PC 

• RJ45 connector

• Wi-Fi® : Optional – J100 Wireless Module

Power Requirements

• Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af  as a Class 1 device

• For customers requiring AC power, an Avaya  global power adapter must be used together  with a standard country specific power cord,  sold separately


• Support for the following languages:

• English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,  Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Hebrew,  Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Simplified Chinese






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