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Avaya IP Phone J189

The Avaya IP Phone J189 is a multiline phone ideally suited for power users who consider the phone to be one of many useful communication tools and rely on common functions like directory and speed dial to enhance productivity and collaboration.
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Avaya IP Phone J189

The Avaya IP Phone J189 is a multi-line phone ideally suited for power users who consider  the phone to be  one of many useful communication tools and rely on common functions like directory and speed dial  to enhance  productivity and  collaboration.

Key Features and Benefits

▪ Supports optional J100 Wireless Module for WI-Fi  connectivity and / or Bluetooth® headsets 

▪ Delivers high definition audio that can increase  productivity by reducing fatigue and provides easier-to  understand and multi-party calls through the wideband  audio codec in the handset and headset. 

▪ 2 color displays available; Larger sized, higher resolution 5”  screen main screen can be used in split screen mode. 

▪ Simplifies call control on the display using softkeys for  everyday functions such as transfer, conference and  forwarding; also makes it easy to perform everyday tasks  such as quick access to the corporate directory. 

▪ Multiple line phone that provides visual cues that can  speed task management through 10 dual-color Red /  Green LED physical buttons on main screen, and 6 physical  buttons on secondary screen. 

▪ Improves flexibility through support of a secondary Gigabit  Ethernet port for a PC. 

▪ Enables high-speed call handling through support of up to two  Avaya J100 Expansion Modules. Secondary screen effectively  acts as the first Expansion Module. 

▪ The handset has built in volume boost for hearing impaired  to avoid having to purchase a separate amplified headset. 

▪ Accommodates advanced unified communications  solutions through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). 

▪ Supports reduced energy consumption and lower costs  through Power-over-Ethernet Class 1 design with “sleep mode”.


Avaya IP Phone J189

▪ Display 

- Primary (larger) : 5.0” color, 800 x 480 pixel 

- Secondary : 2.3” Color, 160 x 240 pixel

▪ 10 physical buttons on main screen,  6 physical buttons on secondary  screen (dual LEDs - red, green)
▪ 4 softkeys
▪ 2 USB ports (1 USB A, 1 USB C)
▪ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
▪ Hard buttons for phone, end  call, messages, contacts, history,  home, navigation cluster, headset,  speaker, volume, mute
▪ LEDs for speaker, mute, headset,  message, history
▪ All 96 buttons are accessible,  without a physical expansion  module (on main screen, or  secondary screen)

▪ J100 Expansion Modules Support 

- Secondary screen is the first  effective Expansion Module 

- 2 hardware J100 Expansion  Modules

▪ Wideband audio in handset and  headset
▪ SuperWideBand RJ9 Headset
▪ Full duplex speakerphone
▪ SuperWideBand Full Duplex  Handsfree
▪ Ergonomic hearing aid compatible  handset (FCC 508 compliant)  supports TTD acoustic coupler
▪ Message waiting indicator
▪ Mute indicator with optional  mute alerting
▪ IC call alerting with 360-degree  visibility
▪ Dual-position stand, optional wallmount stand
▪ Supports optional Bluetooth/W-iFi  module
▪ Gigabit Ethernet (10 / 100 / 1000)  line interface
▪ Secondary Gigabit Ethernet  (10/100/1000 Mbps)
▪ PoE Class (IEEE 802.3af) registers as  class 1 device and supports 802.3az
▪ "Energy Star Certified" AC to 5 volt  adapter
▪ Supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323
▪ Standards-based codec support: G.722, Opus, Add G711, G729AB.
▪ Zero touch deployment via Device Enrollment Services Support
▪ Supports the following languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified  Chinese, Dutch, English, Canadian French, Parisian French, German,  Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Latin American Spanish, Castilian  Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Russian






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