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Avaya Vantage K175 Seamless communication experiences, designed for work from anywhere

Avaya Vantage is an all-glass, touch screen, Always-On desktop video device with an intuitive user interface, plug and play installation—designed for an easy out-of-the-box experience for you
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Avaya Vantage K175

Seamless  communication  experiences,  designed for work  from anywhere

In today's digital workplace, we're all doing things a bit differently. And we love  the tools that make it easy, that streamline our day and do it efficiently.  Work is increasingly unplanned. Decisions need to be made in a constantly  changing environment. Avaya VantageTM is there to pull it all together.  Avaya VantageTM is an all-glass, touch screen, Always-On desktop video device  with an intuitive user interface, plug and play installation—designed for an easy  out-of-the-box experience for you. It has a small footprint on your desktop. You  are all set to work from anywhere in a matter of minutes. It is a high-definition  video and collaboration device natively attached to Avaya services and  supports 3rd party video and collaboration services. Its built-in communication  experience provides simple, instant, seamless & natural engagement. Users can  fire up video, voice, chat, collaboration instantly through one touch connections  with no unnatural breaks or pauses—eliminating the need to manage multiple  devices in order to engage.

Key Features and Benefits

Video and Collaboration in one-click

Work from anywhere

Avaya Spaces integration

Contemporary Form Factor

Verticals focus: Use-Cases


Avaya Vantage K175

Form Factor

▪ All Glass, no visible buttons, volume buttons on the side; Small footprint—excellent use of desktop space 

▪ Optional handset (corded or cordless Bluetooth handset with a magnetic switch hook) 

▪ Hinged stand for smooth multi-angle positioning; Desk stand or a wall-mount stand

Display size & Orientation 8”; Portrait
Display resolution 1280 x 800 pixel, Capacitive Touch with 24-bits color depth
Touch Screen Yes
Audio codecs Wideband audio available on all transducers, handset, headset, and handsfree. Supported codecs: G.722, G.711, G.729, G.726, Opus
Microphones 4
Wideband audio Yes
Buttons & Status Indicators

▪ Mechanical dial-pad available 

▪ Message Waiting Indicator

Connectors / Ports
Headphone connector ports

▪ 3.5 mm headset connector

▪ RJ9 headset connector for a high-quality wired headset

Supported headsets

▪ Wideband Bluetooth headsets

▪ 3.5 mm headsets 

▪ RJ9 headsets 

▪ USB headsets

HDMI Micro HDMI 2.0 port to extend display
Video codecs

Support the H.264 codec with the following encoding profiles:

▪ High Profile AVC 

▪ Baseline Profile AVC

Handset ▪ 1x Handset cradle connector
USB 3.0 Type-C

General purpose port: USB flash drive for data transfer to and from the device.  Support is limited to USB flash drives with up to 32 GB of storage.

Multi-port USB hub, USB headset, Mouse, Keyboard, USB Camera, Android devices  (Support is only limited to charging the Android device. Data transfer is not supported). 

▪ Up to 900 mA if using Class 4 (802.3at) PoE switch • Up to 100 mA if using Class 3  PoE switch


▪ 32 GB flash memory 

▪ 2 GB of RAM


▪ Power over Ethernet EEE 802.3af (Class 3) or 802.3at (Class 4) 

▪ Dedicated USB Type-C port for DC power input


▪ Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n

▪ Wi-Fi 802.11ac on the 5 GHz band 

▪ Wi-Fi Hotspot

Bluetooth Bluetooth® 4.2 supporting High Speed (HS), Low Energy (LE), and Enhanced Data  Rate (EDR) functionality, Integrated Bluetooth for pairing accessories, cordless  handset and wireless headsets
Near-Field Communication  (NFC) Supports NFC, which enables wireless communication between two devices over  short distances.
Ethernet Dual Port RJ45, 10/100/1000 Mb
Network Protocols SIP, DHCP, DNS, LLDP (for Ethernet interface only), TCP, TLS, HTTP / HTTPS, RTP / SRTP,  RTCP / SRTCP, SNTP, 802.1x, VLAN (for Ethernet interface only), DSCP Layer 3 QoS
Avaya Vantage™ K155 with  camera Standard device with an 5-inch screen and an integrated camera for full access to  video calls and conferences Use video mute button for disabling video from the device.
Video Resolution 1080p30
Integrated Camera 2 megapixels






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