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Cisco Module XFP-10G-MM-SR=

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Product Description



CISC0 10 Gigabit BASE-SR XFP Module Overview

CISC0 SPA/SIP portfolio offers many advantages, including the following:
• Modular, flexible, intelligent interface processors
– Flexible design allows mixing and matching of interface types on the same interface processor for consistent services,
independent of access technology.
– Programmable interface processors provide flexibility for the service diversity required in next-generation networks.
– Innovative design provides intelligent delivery of services without compromising performance.
• Increased speed-to-service revenue
– The programmable Cisc0 architecture extended to 10 Gbps dramatically improves customer density, increasing potential revenue per platform and facilitating compatibility with future versions.
– Interface breadth (copper, channelized, POS, ATM, and Ethernet) on a modular interface processor allows service providers to quickly roll out new services, facilitating consistent, secure services for all customers, large and small.
– XFP interfaces are featured for high-port-count applications with reach flexibility. Future optical technology improvements can be adopted using existing SPAs.
• Dramatically improved return on your routing purchase
– Improved slot economics and increased density reduce capital expenditures (CapEx).
– The ability to easily add new interfaces as they are needed facilitates a "pay-as-you-grow" business model while still offering a high-density solution.
– SPAs are shared across multiple platforms and can be easily moved from one to another, providing consistent feature support,accelerated product delivery, and a significant reduction in operating expenses (OpEx) through common sparing as service needs change.

Compatible 10GBASE-SR XFP 850nm 300m DOM Transceiver Module

►Dual data-rate of 10G operation
► 850nm XFP laser and PIN photodetector for 10km transmission
►Compliant with XFP MSA and XFF-8472 with simplex LC receptacle
►Digital Diagnostic Monitoring:
Internal Calibration or External Calibration
►Compatible with SONET OC-24-LR-1
►Compatible with RoHS
►+3.3V single power supply
►Operating case temperature:
Standard : 0 to +70°C
►Gigabit Ethernet
►Fiber Channel
►Switch to Switch interface
►Switched backplane applications
►Router/Server interface

►Other optical transmission systems

Product Details

Gigabit Ethernet XFP Optics
Maximum Distance
10 GE long-reach (LR) optics (single-mode fiber)
6.2 miles (10 km)
10 GE extended-reach (ER) optics (single-mode fiber)
25 miles (40 km)
10 GE long-haul (ZR) optics (single-mode fiber)
50 miles (80 km)





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