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H3G Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet High Performance SIP Phone 2.8" 132x64 B&W Display with Backlight

The new entry-level H3G desktop phone is a cost-effective option that continues the classic design of the Halo series and meets basic call requirements. A larger screen provides a better experience and can be turned on in seconds. It provides two gigabit Ethernet ports.
● Full duplex phone with a 2.8 inch backlit black and white screen
● Selected components and high-performance processors
● Low power consumption
● More line keys and speed dial keys
● Rich compatibility enables easy deployment

  • original new

  • 1 year


Design: Minimal Aesthetics

• 132 x 64 resolution black and white backlight display with concise text display

• Blue LED indicator light, with both prompt function and aesthetic matching • Black, white, gray, three color appearance: black/silver gray buttons, white numbers/symbols

Handle and key: ergonomics

The radian of the handle fits the palm of the hand, reducing hand fatigue caused by holding the phone for a long time

Hall sensor hanging, preventing accidental hanging, reducing noise, and extending service life

The handle is made of special materials to reduce the slipping of hands when sweating

• The concave curvature of the numeric keys fits the pulp of the finger

Deployment: Easy and hassle free

• EDM, EDS batch platform support

Widely compatible with SIP PBX and deeply compatible with multiple third-party platforms

Call performance: clear and stable

• Professional broadband audio technology ensures clear calls

• The selection of new generation chips and electronic components improves the overall performance of the phone, providing stable and outstanding performance even in harsh environments

• 6-party local calls

• 1000 call records and local contact storage

• Can be connected to standard RJ9 connector earphones, freeing both hands

• 3 SIP accounts





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