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Original New In Box NIM-1CE1T1-PRI 1 Port Multiflex Trunk Voice/Channelized Data T1/E1 Module

1 port Multiflex Trunk Voice/Channelized Data T1/E1 Module
  • NIM-1CE1T1-PRI

  • Cisco

  • cisco original new in box

  • 1 year


Original 1 port  NIM-1CE1T1-PRI  1  port T1/e1 PRI Voice module is applicable
to ISR4321, 4331,4351,4431,4451


1  port Multiflex Trunk Voice/Channelized Data T1/E1 Module
Cisco T1/E1 NIM Types and Feature Comparison
Part Number Number of Ports Clear-Channel Data MFT Packet Voice Unstructured E1 (G.703) Suppor Channelized Data
NIM-1MFT-T1/E1 1 yes yes No No
NIM-2MFT-T1/E1 2 yes yes No No
NIM-4MFT-T1/E1 4 yes yes No No
NIM-8MFT-T1/E1 8 yes yes No No
NIM-1CE1T1-PRI 1 yes yes No Yes
NIM-2CE1T1-PRI 2 yes yes No Yes
NIM-8CE1T1-PR 8 yes yes No yes

You can insert the Cisco T1/E1 NIMs into the NIM slot on the supported Cisco 4000 Integrated Services
Routers (ISRs). In addition to the features listed in Table 1, these modules support both T1 and E1,
providing additional flexibility for supporting T1, fractional T1, E1, and fractional E1 for both voice
and WAN applications simultaneously. All modules include the drop-and-insert multiplexing capability,
which eliminates costly external third-party channel service units/data service units (CSUs/DSUs)
and drop-and-insert multiplexers.

The fourth-generation Cisco T1/E1 NIMs add improvements over the Cisco Second- and Third-Generation
T1/E1 Multiflex Trunk Voice and WAN Interface Cards (MFT VWIC2s and VWIC3s, respectively). The fourth
-generation T1/E1 modules enable each port to be clocked from an independent clock source for
data applications. Voice applications can now be clocked independently from data applications,
with all ports for voice applications clocked from a single source.

The T1/E1 modules contain an onboard Cisco Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor Module 4 (PVDM4)
slot,which requires a fourth-generation PVDM4 module. A PVDM4 on the T1/E1 module is necessary
for the voice features. The PVDM4 also provides for echo cancellation of up to 128-ms echo-tail length
for demandingnetwork conditions. Refer to Table 2 for all configuration options offered with the modules.

hese fourth-generation modules also provide increased port density per chassis compared to the Cisco
IntegratedServices Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2) platform.

Can be used on Cisco 4000 Series ISRs series routers, like CISCO ISR4221/4321/4331/4351/4431/4451

Original New In Box NIM-1CE1T1-PRI 1 port Multiflex Trunk Voice/Channelized Data T1/E1 Module





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