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Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing system Perfect for Small and Medium Rooms

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Product Descriptio

Ultimate Simplicity, Perfect for Small and Medium Rooms
• 1080P/60FPS and 5x optical PTZ camera
• 83° horizontal field of view
• H.265/HEVC video codec, 1080P from 512Kbps bandwidth
• Super packet loss recovery technology (video resistant up to 30% and audio resistant up to 70%)
• Two HDMI output and two HD content input (HDMI + Mini-DP)
• Supports wireless content sharing
• Three audio options: one microphone array, one conference phone CP960 or a pair of wireless microphones
• Supports collaboration features (interoperable with whiteboard and annotation on content sharing)
• Deeply integrate with leading cloud platforms: Yealink Cloud Management Service (YCMS), Yealink Meeting Server, StarLeaf, Pexip, Zoom, BlueJeans, EasyMeet, Videxio
Key Features
1.Immersive Audio-Visual Experience
Using a new 5X optical PTZ camera, VC500 supports 1080P/60FPS video calls without distortion, thus greatly enhancing the fluency of video conferencing and making the presentation more vivid even in details. Its wide-angle lens, which provides an expanded 83° horizontal field of view, brings everyone in view without adjusting the camera. In the package of VC500-VCM-CTP, it co-works with Yealink video conferencing microphone array VCM34 to provide 20ft/360° voice pickup distance and creates a better audio solution which is backed by Opus codec and Yealink Noise Proof technology; in the package of VC500-Phone, it delivers HD audio experience with Yealink conference phone CP960 built-in speaker and microphone; and in the package of VC500-Mic, it is equipped with two wireless microphones, providing you a distance-free communication without any cables restriction
2.Easier Meeting Experience, Simpler Deployment
Yealink VC500 owns all-in-one design which combines codec and camera together, only one standard RJ45 network cable could connect TV area and conference table, saving more time and space for better communication. Meanwhile, it fits easily and seamlessly on the TV with thickness from 1mm to 77mm, making your meeting room clutter-free.
3.Less Bandwidth, Better Network Adaptability
Via supporting H.265/HEVC video codecs, just with the minimum 512kbps, 1080P HD video calls can be realized, thus saving more than 50% bandwidth than using H.264. Thanks to Yealink anti-packet loss technology, VC500 can resist up to 30% video packet loss which guarantees smooth video communication.
4.Wider Compatibility, Deeper Integration
Yealink VC500 supports standard H.323/SIP dual protocol as well as RS-232/HTTP API and VISCA/PELCO. It is not only deeply integrated with Yealink Meeting Server(YMS), supporting Meeting Scheduling and One-touch Meeting Access; but also worked with Yealink Cloud Management Service (YCMS), bringing quick deployment. Besides, it supports the 3rd-party room system and integrates with the leading cloud platforms, like StarLeaf, Zoom, BlueJeans, EasyMeet, Videxio, etc.

Full-HD PTZ Camera
• 1920 x 1080 video resolution
• 60 frame rate
• 5x optical zoom PTZ camera
• Horizontal field of view: 83°
• Vertical field of view: 52°
• Pan angel range: +/- 30°
• Tilt angel range: +/- 20°
Video Standard and Network Suitability
• Video codecs: H.265/HEVC, H.264 High Profile, H.264, H.263, H.263+
• Forward Error Correction (FEC)
• Anti 30% video packet loss
• Bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment
• Shared content and audio preference strategy
• Bandwidth/protocol/ auto adaptive
Audio Features
• Audio codecs:
- Opus, 8~48kHz sampling rate
- 14kHz bandwidth with G.722.1C
- 7kHz bandwidth with G.722.1
- 3.4kHz bandwidth with G.711 (PCMA/PCMU)
- G.729
• Audio technology:
- Acoustic echo cancellation
- Automatic gain control
- Yealink Noise Proof Technology
- CNG, PLC, AJB, De-Rerb
Collaboration Touch Panel CTP20 (VC500-VCM-CTP)
• 13.3 inch IPS FHD 1080P capacitive touch screen
• Supports active pressure capacitance touch pen
CP960 Conference Phone (VC500-Phone)
• 5-inch multi-touch screen with 720x1280 resolution
• Speaker
• Built-in 3-microphone array
• 20ft/360° voice pickup range
• 2 X Wired Microphone CPE90
Video Conferencing Microphone Array VCM34 (VC500-VCM-CTP)
• Built-in 3-microphone array
• 20ft/360° voice pickup range
• Up to 4 VCM34 in one system
CPW90 Wireless Microphone KIT (VC500-Mic)
• DECT Technology
• 800mAh battery capacity
• 24-hour talking time, 7-day standby time
• Indoor range: 50m
• Outdoor Range: 300m (in ideal conditions)
• 10-foot (3-meter) 360° voice pickup
• Mute the microphone with touchpad
Call Features
• 1080p60 people + 1080P30 content sharing video quality
• Video Layout: Picture-in-picture (PIP)
• Video/audio recording and playback
• Dual displays and 'focus' feature
• Screenshots in USB flash drive or YMS
• Group dial
• YMS meeting control:
- invite/remove
- mute/unmute participates
- lock
• DND (do not disturb)
• Call statistics
• Auto answer, mute, and call waiting
• Virtual keyboard
• Local directory: 500 entries
• Call history: all/missed/received/dialed
• LDAP phonebook
• Multi-language support
• Additional five-way audio call
Standard Communication Protocol
• H.323/SIP
• Dual stream protocol: H.239 (H.323)/BFCP (SIP)
• FECC: H.224/H.281, Sony VISCA and PELCO D/P
• H.323 protocol suite: H.245, H.225, H.235, H.241
• Gatekeeper account and SIP account
Compatible Cloud Platforms
• Yealink Cloud Management Service
• Yealink Meeting Server
• StarLeaf/UC OpenCloud, supports QCP code
• Pexip/Zoom/BlueJeans/EasyMeet/Videxio
Network and Security Features
• IPv4 and IPv6, DHCP/static IP
• HTTP/HTTPS web server
• RS232/HTTP API for control system integration
• SRTP/TLS, AES 256-bit encryption
• QoS: 802.1p/q, Diff-serv
• Anti-attack
• Network diagnosis: Ping, trace route
• Time and date synchronization using SNTP
• Built-in certificate
NAT and Firewall Traversal
• H.460
• NAT (manual/auto mode)
• Yealink intelligent firewall traversal
• Open VPN
VC500 Codec Connections
• 2 x HDMI output
• 1 x Yealink extension port (RJ-45) connect to VCH50/VCH51/VCM34
• 1 x 10/100/1000M Ethernet port
• 2 x USB 2.0
• 1 x Power port
• 1 x Security lock slot
• 1 x Reset slot
Confifiguration Management
• Configuration via browser/display/CTP20/auto-provisioning
• Virtual remote control
• Firmware upgrading, factory resetting
• Export or import configuration
• System log exporting
VCH50 Connections
• 1 x RJ45 port connect to VC500 codec
• 1 x RJ45 port connect to VCM34
• 1 x HDMI input for content sharing (with audio)
• 1 x Mini-DP input for content sharing (with audio)
• 1x USB 2.0 for recording
VCH51 Connections
• 1 x RJ45 port connect to VC500 codec
• 1 x HDMI Cable for content sharing (with audio)
• 1 x Type-C Cable for content sharing (with audio)
• 1 x USB 2.0 for recording
Physical Features
• Color: Space Silver
• External Yealink Power Adapter:
AC 100~240V input and DC 48V/0.7A Output
• Wall/TV mounted shelf with screws
• Power consumption (PSU): Idle < 7.8W, normal operating: 8W; MAX: 11.8W
• USB Output: 5V 1A
• Dimension (W.D.H):
- VC500 codec: 300 mm x 99 mm x 165.3 mm
- CP960: 338 mm x 338 mm x 74 mm
- CPE90: 85.98 mm x 85.98 mm x 16.35 mm
- CTP20: 321.5 mm x 118 mm x 196 mm
- VCM34: 169 mm x 171.5 mm x 37.5 mm
- CPW90: 86 mm x 86 mm x 86 mm
- VCR11: 190 mm x 55 mm x 24 mm
• Operating humidity: 10~95%
• Operating temperature: 0~40°C
• Storage temperature: -30~70°C
Package features
• N.W/CTN: 6.6 kg
• G.W/CTN: 7.8 kg
• Giftbox size: 385mm x 290mm x 245mm
Package includes
• VC500 Codec (integrate camera)
• CTP20 Collaboration Touch Panel (VC500-VCM-CTP)
• 1 x VCM34 Video Conferencing Microphone Array (VC500-VCM-CTP)
• CP960 Conference Phone with 2 x Wired Microphone CPE90 (VC500-Phone)
• 2 x Wireless Microphones with DD10 DECT Dongle (VC500-Mic)
• VCH50/VCH51 Video Conferencing Hub (optional)
• WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod (optional)
• VCR11 Remote Control
• Cable Bundle






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